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Huang Suhuai

HUANG SUHUAI 黄素怀  is a visual artist and graphic designer who recently completed her BA(Hons) in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts. In 2020, she received the Prize for Excellence of International Takifuji Art Award. Suhuai is also into literature and theatre; making puppet shows since 2019, and has written and translated many theatre plays since 2008, including plays for young audiences. Recently, she has been into embroidery as a way to cope with the uncertainties of the pandemic.

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Kate Lim

Kate studied Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Manchester and completed her Master of Architecture at National University of Singapore. She is interested in the intersection of architecture and art in a multi-disciplinary design practice. She is currently practicing at Foster and Partners.


Le Kinh Dien

“In my current practice, I spend most of my time observing and interpreting my own meanings to readymade objects by embracing how they are made. I use them as tools to embody ideas because they are closest to life, and the existence of them speak well for their generation.”


Lin Derong

Lin Derong holds a Master of Architecture degree from the National University of Singapore. As a post-humanist, Derong is fascinated in the political dimensions and narrative potentials of architecture. He continues to experiment with modes of representation, threading at the boundaries of art and architecture. He is currently practicing at Design Partnership Architects in Singapore.


Lu Yixin

Lu Yixin is interested in finding ways to talk about very specific feelings of existential anxiety, ambivalence, nothingness and the lack of resolution. He was born in China and lives in Singapore. He is currently a first year architecture student in National University of Singapore (NUS).


Mary Ann Ng

Mary Ann NG is both researcher and designer. Her interests stem from the contemporary individual, their subsequent emergent lifestyles, online and offline social practices and new cognitive behaviours within the spatial context. She holds a Master of Architecture (RIBA II) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is currently Curatorial Assistant for the Singapore Pavilion, 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale and Research Assistant at NUS.


Pauline Wong

Pauline Wong recently graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Distinction), specialising in Art Photography from LASALLE College of the Arts. Rooted in the practice of storytelling, Pauline’s art focuses on various types of spaces, physically, mentally and digitally, in hopes of reemerging conversations of the overlooked things and issues in the human species. 


Sim Jia En

Sim Jia En is always thinking about how humans experience time in her artistic practice. From creating time lapses in painting, collecting object indicators of lifespan, to the very act of expanding manual labour in a site-specific installation, she resurfaces this preoccupation that transpires in different contexts, through various mediums. Her current position as an art educator inspired scrutiny of her past experiences in local art institutes, and of the institutions themselves where the value of learning art can become contentious even as novel ways of engaging art emerge. She contemplates the worth of creativity against an unchanging system of standardisation and scoring.

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