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dis/posit}ions proposes various routes of thinking while fostering tangential acts of unpacking, repacking, reorienting and rethinking; all with care. 


dis/posit}ions is a symbolic play on the word dispositions; where the syllable breaks are akin to our purpose to take a step back and unpack.

dis/posit}ions is an exercise for us and collaborators to speculate on multiple trajectories of the futures (and histories) in our visions of learning, that we approach with care and consultation.

In the punctuations we used: "/" represents the presence of choice and inclusivity while "}" that has been typically deployed to conclude a segment of text otherwise isolated from a statement doesn't necessarily mean an end but signifies a sign of care, or a hug to simply put it, as "}" has often been used in internet language.

32 Kaki Bukit Crescent, Level 5

Singapore 416262


dis/posit}ions is a series of programmes that invites unpacking, repacking, reorienting and rethinking visions of learning in the future​. 

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